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ICO ratings published on CoinTint.com solely represent the opinions of the experts providing it. The experts conduct the ratings based on their professional experience, publicly available information (whitepapers, roadmaps, interviews, reports and all the information available on the ICO in matter) and possibly dialogues with the ICO project management team. And while we hold ourselves and our experts accountable to high professional standards, we keep the right to have human errors and misjudgement based on our and our expert’s personal circumstances.


CoinTint.com offers free ICO reviews and payed ICO reviews. The payed version of an ICO review only makes the review and publication faster, but it does not guarantee it. Payments for ICO reviews are not refundable. Payments for ICO reviews that are cancelled or refused by CoinTint.com are not refundable. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your submission for review, even if it was payed. We reserve the right to not disclose reasons of cancelled or refused ICOs review. Payments required for an ICO review are to be done only in cryptocurrencies. CoinTint.com highly advises projects, that are willing to have their ICOs reviewed on our website, not to pay any money to third parties, claiming a publication guarantee.

Submitting an ICO for review at CoinTint.com, either free or payed, does not guarantee a publication.

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