Zeon ICO


Main Sale: 06/08/2018 - 10/01/2018
Cryptocurrency Investment & Financial Services Trading & Exchanges

A community driven project that will solve the main problems of crypto industry.
What problems our foundation will solve? Scaling transaction rates to 100,000 tps (sharding), investments in crypto with minimal risks, cross-chain trading and mass adoption. The cornerstone in ZEON’s design is the idea of sharding – dividing the network into smaller shards.

ZEON will also solve the problem of “mass adoption” in crypto by enabling safe investment for everyday people. Expect a list of companies that will accept ZNC this summer (flight tickets, gadgets shops, services, rent companies, travelling etc.).

Why does ZEON differ from hundreds of ICOs and crypto projects? Our community will exercise a decentralized control of them by innovative blockchain, the oracle system and user-friendly infrastructure.

Our blockchain provides creating PoS 3.0 token with an annual return. ZEON’s design allows its transaction rates to roughly increase with every few hundred nodes added to its network.Fast, free, secure, truly anonymous or public [you choose] transactions. Holding ZNC and making exchanges with coins/alts by Mediator. Cross-chain trading provides our users the ability to sell and buy crypto on exchanges in milliseconds.The world’s 1st token with oracle system. Participation in ICOs/Crypto projects in current day are risky. Till now you control project by voting and decide to increase or decrease a tap of funding. DAO.

ZEON Token (ZNC) will be released on the basis of Bitcoin core and a custom Zerocash protocol. Any email, website, Telegram or other communication regarding ZEON token sales should be treated as suspicious if not announced on this website and Telegram channel.

Main Sale:
$29 – $3.000:  +7% Bonus
$3.000 – $25.000: +10% Bonus
$25.000 – $100.000: +15% Bonus