Main Sale: 03/01/2018 - 07/24/2018
Crowdfunding & Lending Trading & Exchanges

The total token supply of Xenia coins will be capped at 200 million tokens. Out of this 25 percent of the tokens will be allocated during the main ICO. An additional 10 percent is set aside for the cost of the ICO, 7.5 will be used to support the project while the remaining 67.5 percent will be reserved in escrow. The main aim of the ICO is to raise funds for the raiding of assets, 90% of the platform development has been initialized by the founder.

The platform development and mobile applications has been initialized and in most part completed by the investment of the founder as such 90 percent of the proceeds from the ICO will be used in acquiring assets that will back the coin. Development of the platform entails the creation of the different smart contracts, the Xenia coin, and blockchain. Additionally, the development of the mobile applications is ongoing, the e-wallet, the pre-paid cards have been concluded and the most of the services are in development. The platform will also acquire the assets required to peg the Xenia coin. This will provide extrinsic value to the cryptocurrency as opposed to other digital currencies that are only intrinsic. The remaining 10 percent will be used to offset the cost of the ICO. This involves marketing costs and running the bounty program.

Since Xenia coin is an ERC-20 token, you will need to have an e-wallet that can support the token. Six38ppn will send the Xenia tokens to the same account that sent the money to purchase the token. There will be a public key presented on the platform once the ICO is launched. All you need to do is register for an account and send an equivalent amount to the public account. In moments, you will receive the Xenia tokens allotted to you through the same e-wallet and for fiat payments after a KYC approval your token will be funded to the designated wallet. This will prevent people from stealing the tokens of others.