Main Sale: 05/25/2018 - 07/28/2018
Computing & Data Storage

My SAFE is a Digital Vault (futures stages consider also a mixed online-physical version), where in order to rent it, to open it, and execute all usual transactions proper to those common bank safety box you see on the movies or currently having be doing, need the extra security layer of the need to be processed under the block chain technology, fully encrypted and incorruptible under the form of transactions. All transactions are unique.

My SAFE is a real product, still under development, and specifically designed to keep your digital valuables and also, in further stages, now under design, to keep your physical ones too. Using Block Chain technology we produce several layers of security, making your vault completely safe, incorruptible, secure and completely confidential, and fully transferable through Ethereum Ecosystem. You digital valuables leave your hands or smart phone, UBS key, data record, CD, laptop, or whatever delivery device you want to use, completely encrypted, nobody, unless you, knows the content.

Main Sale:
One round lasting 15 days
Round 1: 1 VTX=0.16 USD
Round 2: 1 VTX=0.18 USD
Round 3: 1 VTX=0.20 USD
Round 4: 1 VTX=0.22 USD