Vertex ICO


Main Sale: 10/01/2018 - 01/25/2019
Banking & Payments Business Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchanges

– ICO buyers: People who are looking to buy into ICOs will be able to pick from top of the line projects to buy into, thanks to Vertex’s rigorous vetting process. They will also benefit from preferential pricing on the Vertex platform and a fair system that gives every user the opportunity to buy into any of the projects offered for sale on the platform.

– ICOs: Projects that meet the necessary requirement, will benefit from early buy ins that inject funds into the ICO, will expose the project to a pool of users that have already conducted KYC, and a shortcut to user onboarding.

– By vetting ICOs through a rigorous 6-step process, Vertex will become a standard bearer in the industry that buyers will look up to. This will contribute towards raising the quality levels of the projects that are launched in general.

The team that will be vetting the ICOs is composed of highly qualified individuals who have been entrepreneurs, business owners and C-level managers. Some have headed multi billion-dollar companies, invested into start-ups and have years of experience doing business globally. They bring unparalleled knowledge to the table.

VTEX tokens underpin the whole Vertex ecosystem: Token purchases within the Vertex platform can only be done using the VTEX token and the ICOs that Vertex buys into will be required to take a part of the payment in VTEX tokens. This will allow the utility of the VTEX token to grow as the ecosystem becomes more robust.

Main Sale:
Every 15’000’000 the price increases 0.01 cent;
Phase 1: 30mio, $ 0.22
Phase 2: 45mio, $ 0.23
Phase 3: 60mio, $ 0.24
Phase 4: 75mio, $ 0.25
Phase 5: 90mio, $ 0.26
Phase 6: 105mio, $ 0.27
Phase 7: 120mio, $ 0.28
Phase 8: 135mio, $ 0.29
Phase 9: 150mio, $ 0.30
Phase 10: 165mio, $ 0.31
Phase 11: 180mio, $ 0.31