Vanig ICO


Main Sale: 08/22/2018 - 09/26/2018
Commerce & Retail

The World’s first integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem powered by Blockchain.
Vanig is an e-commerce startup powered by the blockchain. Our aim is to create a platform that changes the way e-commerce works. From manufacturer to consumers, we can apply the power of the blockchain to make shopping an amazing experience for everyone involved.
An e-commerce platform built entirely around the blockchain. Our platform uses Hyperledger Sawtooth to build an e-commerce ecosystem that tackles key issues in e-commerce today.

A blockchain-powered marketplace which connects buyers and sellers directly, cutting out the middleman in the process. Fast, efficient and reliable.
The sale of VANIG tokens will enable us to build a platform that is beneficial to everyone, from manufacturers to consumers. On buying VANIG tokens, you are contributing towards a system that is not only built to last, but is also resilient. On top of that, we’ll give you a bonus if you’re early!

Vanig is aiming to solve the following major problems in the supply chain and e-commerce space.

– Lack of transparency and full visibility in the supply chain
– Too many intermediaries and manual paper work
– Static or non-existent inventory management
– Inefficient tracking of products
– High selling fees on e-commerce platforms for sellers
– Lack of provenance information for products for buyers


15 August 2018 (7 Days): 30% Bonus

Main Sale:
22 August 2018 (7 Days): 25% Bonus
29 August 2018 (7 Days): 20% Bonus
5 September 2018 (7 Days): 10% Bonus
12 September 2018 (7 Days): 5% Bonus
19 September 2018 (7 Days): 0% Bonus