Universal Marketing Company

Main Sale: 08/01/2018 - 08/31/2018
Artificial Intelligence Marketing & Advertising

Universal Marketing Company (UMC) is the first platform for managing paid content and creating SMART-advertising in instant messengers.

The UMC platform is based on smart contracts and operates using high-speed artificial intelligence. It makes advertisements in instant messengers effective, reliable and as convenient as possible. All actions can be performed quickly and easily through the user-friendly interface.

Now, it’s easy to manage advertising in instant messengers for absolutely any user – an individual, a large company, a channel owner or an experienced smm-manager. No additional costs and efforts!

Universal Marketing Company is already actively developing. The first real product is the Telegram bot. By the time of the ICO launch, it’s passing the second part of the beta test. In parallel, the remaining components of the system are being developed.

Flexible settings, built-in analytics, the choice of manual or fully automatic mode, paying for advertising without unnecessary commissions is not the entire list of benefits that each participant of the UMC platform receives.

1 July – 31 July: 20%, 15% BONUS

Main Sale:
1 August – 31 August: 10%, 5%, 0% BONUS