Unboxed ICO


Main Sale: 09/01/2018 - 09/30/2018
Marketing & Advertising

Unboxed Network is a blockchain based system that allows businesses to pay you directly for using your influence. This means you get a share of the $36 billion they’re spending per year on Facebook ads. So for every brand related photo you upload and for every comment you post you can get paid.

Unboxed Network is introducing a freemium business model, which allows businesses to use the network free-of-charge and only pay for results. This means they only pay when the campaign achieves quality engagements.

Unboxed Network is revolutionising influencer marketing for both, businesses and social media users. The Unboxed Network is the only freemium platform that will allow businesses to launch high quality, low cost word-of-mouth campaigns within seconds. It’s a simple, fast and scalable solution to businesses worldwide. Moreover, Unboxed Network will allow everyday social media users to get paid for posting and engaging on social media. Regardless of their following size and even creative abilities, everyone will find their place on Unboxed Network and will earn on social media.

On July 31st, 24 hours: 55% BONUS
On August 1-31: 45%-40% BONUS
Main Sale:
On September 1-30: 40%,20%,0% BONUS