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Casino & Gambling

TruePlay is a B2B platform with a complex of software solutions for online gaming business. TruePlay is not a

gambling-provider. TruePlay only allows licensed gambling companies access to their software (Software-as-a-service). TruePlay technologies are aimed at developing online gaming and making it as legal and transparent as possible from any point of view.

Playing games with the honesty control, based on blockchain technologies, players can be sure that it is impossible to falsify the game outcome. Game statistics gives an understanding that games do meet world standards and are not tuned for losing.

Webmasters, who cooperate with gambling operators around the world, will be assured that the traffic is not cut.Operators and game developers receive a decentralized structure of access to their game content around
the world and protection from copying the brand and games.

1000 TPLAY = 0.84 ETHMain Sale:
1st stage TruePlay Token Sale: 1000 TPLAY = 1.0 ETH
2st stage TruePlay Token Sale: 1000 TPLAY = 1.1 ETH
3st stage TruePlay Token Sale: 1000 TPLAY = 1.2 ETH