Main Sale: 02/05/2018 - 09/30/2018
Cryptocurrency Investment & Financial Services Trading & Exchanges

Traderly is a platform connecting investors with professional institutional level traders and money managers across crypto and financial markets. It’s a social investment network allowing traders to manage investors capital effortlessly, essentially replicating their performance in real-time. It is a platform that emphasises on sustainability and high return investments. It is a platform where every stakeholder has a potential monetary gain through multiple business avenues.

Our vision at Traderly is categorically simple and comprised of three fragments. We are not aiming to reinvent the wheel, we aim to supplement it by eliminating certain inefficiencies within the industry that affects majority of participants. We aim to provide an improved platform for professional managers and traders from where they can manage their clients’ accounts as well as gain additional investors through added exposure.
We aim to achieve this by:
– Reinvesting 20% of all earnings back into our traders and managers.
– Exposing our traders to thousands of potential individual and corporate investors.

We aim to provide investors with the best investment opportunities with the lowest risk exposure within the industry.
We aim to achieve this by:
– Auditing, verifying and manually approving all traders on our platform.
– Provide fully transparent institutional quality analysis.
– Sourcing the finest traders and managers through our vast contact base and incubator program.

We aim to provide brokerage firms and exchanges with a simple and effective platform to maintain sustainable client accounts, deposits, trading volume and investment.
We aim to achieve this by:
– Providing brokerage firms and exchanges with reliable fund and money management options.
– Providing the best possible opportunity for client reinvestment by creating sustainable account growth, which in return builds trust.

Nonetheless, Traderly is still a company, founded and run by fund managers, traders and investors, thus creating healthy profit margins will always be a priority within our business model.