tkeycoin ICO


Main Sale: 05/01/2018 - 11/30/2018
Artificial Intelligence Banking & Payments Business

Easy payments all over the world with the touch of your mobile phone. Get unlimited payment options and a number of other benefits that save you time and money in one system. Users can be assured of personal and financial information. All data is anonymous and transactions are encrypted. With this structure, network members can share data over an encrypted channel within the platform. No blocking and fraud on the part of third parties and regulators, thanks to the use of p2p-network architecture and principles of decentralization in the full Turing platform. Payments online or offline via the mobile app, whether it’s dinner at a restaurant, booking at a prestigious hotel, legal and financial services, renting or buying a car, visiting the Spa and much more.

The decentralized platform of Tkeycoin DAO uses quantum-stable digital signatures and anonymous networks, thanks to which there are no blocking by third parties and regulators.

All assets are protected from hacking, and transactions are encrypted by the encryption system Iron Atom Technology with digital signature RSA-2048, combined with elliptic curves Curve25519, recognized by the us national security Agency.

The technology can be applied in payment systems, financial services, economy and in all other industries, including the state and municipal sectors.
International Marketplace that combines online stores and services around the world. Buy any goods and services for cryptocurrency Tkeycoin (TCD) on favorable terms for you.
Reduce your business expenses by 45-50% using a reliable platform of Tkeycoin Payments to accept payments from end customers around the world.
Users can act as freelancers and contribute to the development of sellers (business accounts) within the system, receiving payment in cryptocurrency TCD. Business, in turn, receives a large range of services for its development.

Main Sale:
01.05.18 – 30.06.18:
BONUS 16-20%
01.07.18 – 31.10.18:
BONUS 6-15%
01.11.18 – 30.11.18:
BONUS 0-5%