Social Good ICO


Main Sale: 12/17/2018 - 12/23/2018
Artificial Intelligence

The Social Good Project is a global activity based on the vision of “improving society” that transcends national, racial, religious, and cultural differences. All the people around the world can participate.

All of our actions are based on our beliefs for “improving the world.” Our means for changing the world is the expansion of the Social Good Ecosystem™ that provides a Win-Win-Win for all individuals, companies, and for society as a whole while connecting the world using the cryptocurrency, SocialGood.
It is our hope to spread an ecosystem worldwide whereby “the more you do the things you like, the more you automatically make the world a better place” by connecting individuals, companies, and society.
You can receive a cash back payment every time you make a purchase in the Social Good Ecosystem™, which is supported by AI and blockchain technology (patents applied for). Furthermore, a portion of the Cash Back payment will automatically be donated via AI to organizations that contribute to society. These automated donations will enhance your social evaluation by going viral through SNSs, such as Facebook and Instagram.

SocialGood holders can receive Cash Back payments Every time they make purchases.

Simply by holding SocialGood in the Social Good Ecosystem™, you can, for example, receive a USD 50,000 Cash Back payment for purchasing a home for USD 500,000.
For example, you can receive a USD 5,000 Cash Back payment for purchasing a car for USD 50,000. SocialGood is designed such that the longer you hold it, the higher the Cash Back rate goes.

June 1W (5/28-6/3): USD 55
June 2W (6/4-6/10): USD 56
June 3W (6/11-6/17): USD 57
June 4W (6/18-6/24): USD 58
June 5W (6/25-7/1): USD 59
July 1W (7/2-7/8): USD 60
July 2W (7/9-7/15): USD 61
July 3W (7/16-7/22): USD 62
July 4W (7/23-7/29): USD 63
August 1W (7/30-8/5): USD 64
August 2W (8/6-8/12): USD 65
August 3W (8/13-8/19): USD 66
August 4W (8/20-8/26): USD 67
September 1W (8/27-9/2): USD 68
September 2W (9/3-9/9): USD 69
September 3W (9/10-9/16): USD 70
September 4W (9/17-9/23): USD 71
September 5W (9/24-9/30): USD 72
October 1W (10/1-10/7): USD 73
October 2W (10/8-10/14): USD 74
October 3W (10/15-10/21): USD 75
October 4W (10/22-10/28): USD 76
November 1W (10/29-11/4): USD 77
November 2W (11/5-11/11): USD 78
November 3W (11/12-11/18): USD 79
November 4W (11/19-11/25): USD 80
December 1W (11/26-12/2): USD 81
December 2W (12/3-12/9): USD 82
December 3W (12/10-12/16): USD 83

Main Sale:
December 4W (12/17-12/23): USD 100