Smart City Eco ICO

Smart City Eco

Main Sale: 04/04/2018 - 08/04/2018
Artificial Intelligence Business Gaming

Smart City Eco is solution based on previous experiences of the project creator in the gaming world, and experiences in online economy in general. Our project is based on online economy, solution for problems seen by the project creator. We want to develop a one stop shop for all online economy a virtual world backed by SCE token and by people.We want to provide people solution for unemployment, also to provide solution for people looking to hire someone to finish some work they do not want to do or have no knowledge to finish it, also to provide outsourcing platform for other ICOs and partners.

Our smart city will offer all solutions in one place, we want to implement shopping center with possibility to purchase goods from our partners using SCE tokens and get the goods delivered to home address, gaming incentivized by possible profits all upgrades and all gaming economy is done in SCE tokens which will bring profits to players who invest their time and develop  themselves in our games we will make few games and first one to come will be Smart City Eco game web browser game simulating the virtual economy and virtual war between the regions, gambling with multiple games offered to be played using SCE tokens, social platform that will connect people together and provide them biography for possible employment, also our platform will offer wallet with multiple currencies kept in safe manner impossible to hack.

We want to provide our users one stop shop and simple solution for all problems crypto market is facing now, easy accessible services and easy to understand even for beginners, also secure marketplace and more ideas which will develop even further with development of technology, in one word we are making a supermarket for average crypto users and providing them with peace of mind and enjoyable online experience and we eliminate the need for other platforms.