Skillchain ICO


Main Sale: 10/25/2018 - 11/24/2018

Skillchain is the definitive Protocol where universities, companies and non-academic training companies meet to certify and guarantee YOUR skills in a permanent way.

Skillchain is the ultimate Protocol to validate all college degrees, work experience, references, skills, and non-academic courses. Every information will be imprinted in the blockchain, the 100% decentralized and meritocratic place. Everything will be there, crystal clear. Meritocracy starts here, with Skillchain.

Skillchain 0.1 was built as a reduced example of data management and display services of the final portal:

– Firstly the data interface was constructed for the list of courses that have been codified according to the indications of the certifying body (in this case training company.
– The second interface was to capture data from users who have followed the courses in the last three years and these data have been written in blockchain.
– The end result is that these users are registered to the portal prototype which then reports the blockchain certification of the courses that have been successfully followed. The publication of their data was possible thanks to their consent.

Skillchain 0.1 shown is only indicative of the operation and contains only a small part of the functionality that will be developed in the Skillchain portal.