SamBanx ICO


Main Sale: 08/01/2018 - 09/30/2018

SamBanx gives users the opportunity to benefit from blockchain-powered banking services. We strive to keep our clients’ personal data strictly confidential. Our security system will be more than enough to ensure conditional anonymity of the average investor.

We have tested several SamBanx features by incorporating them into the existing products of the companies of

SamBanx founders. Bringing together a crypto bank and payment service, SamBanx is the ultimate combination of o ur profound expertise and advanced technological solutions.

Currently, SamBanx has no direct competitors. Although there are a number of products in their development stage with similar solutions, none of them offer the complete range of services which is to be implemented in
SamBanx. In the table below, SamBanx is compared to several existing crypto exchanges.
Companies of SamBanx founders offer the following products:
– FinPay scan-to-pay service;
– Monitoring and arbitrage system that monitors exchange rates across 21 crypto exchanges in real time;
–  Automatic trading system;

– Software modules to connect application with banks API under PSD-2;

Our goal is to create a crypto banking solution that will use the services mentioned above.

SamBanx’s software will allow you to manage both fiat and crypto accounts. If you exchange BTC for EUR, the
amount in EUR will be instantly credited to your bank account. If you buy BTC with EUR, the amount in EUR will be debited from your bank account. SamBanx offers the best exchange rates and the lowest fee.

Main Sale:
01.07.2018 – 20.07.2018: 0,28 EUR, 30% Discount
21.07.2018 – 17.08.2018:  0,33 EUR, 17,5% Discount
17.08.2018 – 08.09.2018: 0,37 EUR, 7,5% Discount
09.09.2018 – 30.09.2018: 0,40 EUR, 0% Discount