Main Sale: 07/01/2018 - 07/30/2018

RoomDao is a powerful solution for the tourist industry. Roomdao is a platform for the small local tourist service providers. Local providers are more flexible and can offer lower rates and a wider range of service. However, those companies have a hard time competing with established brands and international franchises. Travel metasearch engines, such as and, monopolize the tourist market and give preferential treatment to global brands.

RoomDao provide a solution to change this trend by giving small companies a powerful tool to promote and sell their services directly to the client. Expedia charges 21%, 23%, while RoomDao offers their platform for free. Our advanced booking system let users rent a car, book accommodation and many more. All these services would be available at a much cheaper rate with excessive fees out of the equation.

The ROOMDAO platform will offer its users a wide range of services allowing more benefits whilst their travel planning.
All these services can be paid with ROOMDAO coin Token.
ROOMDAO coin Tokens are ERC20 utility tokens for the blockchain-based marketplace with smart contracts.
ROOMDAO coin Token helps to improve the efficiency of digital tourism marketplace.
Any platform member can start using the ROOMDAO coin tokens payment system after the registration.

Also platform users will be able to additionally earn ROOMDAO coins by listing a hospitality premises (a house for sharing or exchange/a car for rent/other assets) and getting awards for platform internal activities (posting feedback/adding scores).

Having an opportunity to make promotions of own assets on the global marketplace supported by ROOMDAO coins, every platform member becomes an important and active influencer of the tourism economy.

Main Sale:
01.07.18 — 08.07.18: 20% Discount
08.07.18 — 15.07.18: 15% Discount
16.07.18 — 30.07.18: 10% Discount