Ronaldinho Soccer Coin ICO

Ronaldinho Soccer Coin

Main Sale: 08/26/2018 - 09/07/2018

RSC usage:
・Digital stadium, Super League and Use of e-Sports and other services
・Purchasing digital content using VR and AR
・Betting on a Super League and e-Sports
・Supporting a team, training for players and support for Smile project
・Using a training program such as Soccer Academy
・Fostering professionals in soccer and e-Sports and purchasing a right
・Purchasing goods and its payment

Planet RSC Ecosystem is supported by RSC project using NEO block chain.NEO was founded by Da Hongfei in 2014. Originally, it was named “Antshares” and subsequently renamed “NEO” in June 2017. It is called Chinese Ethereum with “digital asset”, “digital identity” and “smart contract”technology. The technology is provided as an open plat form and developed mainly by tens of thousands of individuals called a “community” for non-commercial purposes. “Using the block chain technology of NEO, we will build a new smart economy from an existing economic system” said Mr. Hongfei. It has many operational advantages such as higher level of safety than other block chain technologies.