Quantor ICO


Main Sale: 09/01/2018 - 09/30/2018
Education Investment & Financial Services

Quantor is a blockchain-powered ecosystem that emerged as a response to a fundamental shift in investment industry: brings together tech savvy developers s and researchers with PhD students from research institutions to develope cutting edge trading solutions – trading algorithms for managing investors capital.

On all-in-one platform members are powered by forefront technologies, outstanding knowledge and streamlined peer-to-peer connection: diversity and inclusion are driving enourmous outcome along with its prime driver which is technology.

Quantor spreads experience and technologies of classical financial markets and machine learning to the cryptocurrency space, combining the long-term financial experience of the team with new blockchain technologies and quantitative finance.

Quantor will make investment solutions based on ML and AI, which allow the performance of investment algorithms to be analyzed, revealing the hidden risks of investment strategies and giving an audit assessment of the risks.

A comprehensive audit of trading algorithms using AI technologies will allow the riskiest algorithms to be defined, the likely loss of the capital of the certain algorithm to be predicted, as well as signs of the manager’s incompetence to be revealed.