Procurean Network ICO


Main Sale: 10/16/2018 - 11/15/2018
Trading & Exchanges

Procurean is an open network where businesses worldwide can buy and sell with the security of blockchain technology while sharing data, information, and infrastructure.
PAN is designed as a utility token that empowers business worldwide and ensures trust to all participants while enabling the network to grow and expand in a stable micro-economy.

Businesses use PAN tokens to place bids on inquiries in various scenarios enabled bysmart instruments. The price-per-bid covered in PAN is relative to the estimated inquiryvalue. This means that sellers pay PAN to win new business (blind reverse auction,multistep auction) and buyers pay PAN to gain new information (market inquiry, grouppurchase).

Businesses use PAN tokens to pay for a guarantee requested from other trusted businesses on the network. This will incentivize businesses with a strong trust rank to help less-established businesses conduct their first transactions. The amount of required tokens is summarized from a fixed amount and, additionally, whatever the guaranteer and the requesting business agree to.

1 October – 15 October 2018: 20% discount