Main Sale: 05/10/2018 - 08/16/2018
Crowdfunding & Lending

PRISMA works to solve the problem of unsustainable lending platforms by amassing a substantial service portfolio with beneficial tools for the cryptocurrency community while also providing a resilient lending model leading to steady profits for individuals who invest in the platform.
One key service will be the arbitrage trading bot service which leads to additional steady profits for users while stabilizing the lending platform through usage fees.

The PRISMA platform will consist of several cryptocurrency services, an internal exchange and a lending system, all accessible via one website and mobile app. The platform is fueled by its token, the Prismacoin (PRIS), which is an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain.Earn with PRISMA lending up to 27 % monthly profit on your initial investment, and with PRISMA arbitraging up to 56 % monthly profit on your initial investment.