Previsione ICO


Main Sale: 08/01/2018 - 08/28/2018
Artificial Intelligence Media & Communication

PREVISIONe is the first worldwide blockchain platform for a people who wishing get forecasts from the predictors.

Due to blockchain, smart contract and our smart statistic technology will be possible to choose the most quality predictor by applying estimations and statistical data on predictors and evaluations of their accuracy. Users could get forecasts from the predictor through video communication, voice communication, text chat or email.
For events that are interesting for a many people (e.g. result of a sports competition or political campaign) users can send a questions to several predictors (group question) who have professional experience in the event.Everyone can get answers for the questions about future.

PVS tokens are created on the Ehtereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC-20 standard.The applicable standard contribute the exchanges and trade of tokens, and allows the use of tokens within the PREVISIONe platform.

18th June–24th June : BONUS 30%
25th June–30th June : BONUS 20%
1st July–8th July : BONUS 10%

Main Sale:
1–18 August 2018 : BONUS 5%