Main Sale: 05/01/2018 - 07/29/2018
Banking & Payments Cryptocurrency Investment & Financial Services

We come with a fast, easy and cheap concept of financial transactions, investment and marketing services bringing out User Friendly services through intelligent marketing in all social classes.

Our team’s vision is creating a new worldwide financial branches, based on blockchain decentralized technology.

Orbis Company will provide innovative transfer, payment and investment services using cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain technology. This technology combined with mobile and computer software, will give mankind the opportunity to make money transfers, investments and payments using our self-service machines, as well as personal smartphones and computers with internet access.

Orbis team intends to open physical branches all around the world that will have self-service ATM machines and one of a kind virtual reality customer service desks that will automatic provide monetary deposit, withdrawal, transfer, payment and investment services.

Orbis team will provide professional marketing and investment services based on smart contract software helping startup companies evolve. Having a young, philanthropist vision, we will also help the society, bringing technology in places where people can’t afford and helping the ones that in need.

Main Sale:
1st of May – 15th of June 2018:
Gifts: +45% coins; +40% coins; +35% coins; +30% coins; 25% coins;
Min. purch.: >25.000 ORBS; >15.000 ORBS; >5000 ORBS; >1000 ORBS; >1 coin;

15th of June – 29th of July 2018:
Gifts: +35% coins; +30% coins; +25% coins; +20% coins; 15% coins;
Min. purch.: >25.000 ORBS; >15.000 ORBS; >5000 ORBS; >1000 ORBS; >1 coin;