Neo Place ICO


Main Sale: 10/15/2018 - 11/30/2018
Commerce & Retail

NeoPlace protocol will facilitate the cross-border e-commerce with the creation of e-shops and marketplaces with a global inventory. Sellers and buyers will benefit from new opportunities and will be incentivized through the NeoPlace ecosystem.  E-shops and marketplaces that list inventory from other third party merchants are automatically rewarded once a cross-NeoPlace sale happens.

Each e-shop/marketplace will benefit features provided by NeoPlace protocol: cryptocurrency wallet, global inventory, affiliation, security and much more.Easy integration with other e-commerce platforms. Import into NeoPlace your catalog of products from Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress.

List your goods in the global inventory and affiliate your e-commerce business to anyone.Shoppers purchase their desired item in the global worldwide inventory at the lowest market price.Sellers can integrate their third party e-commerce with NeoPlace to reach more buyers and take advantage of NeoPlace automated affiliate rewards.

We empower anyone, any vendor to build their business on the decentralized web. NeoPlace protocol provide tools to build your own e-shop/marketplace in few steps. Sellers and buyers save time and money with a more efficient system of e-commerce.