Main Sale: 08/15/2018 - 09/15/2018
Gaming Sport

MyDFS platform is created not only for Daily Fantasy Sports fans, but also for casual users who want to “hire” pro players to win fantasy league. MyDFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) is a token used in fantasy sports games. It helps provide a simple secure interface between the players and the league action that they love.
MyDFS tokens is an additional way for users to grow the value of what they own and win on our platform. They can be used for:
– Participating in games (paying entry fees, receiving winnings)
– Buying in-game content and subscriptions
– P2P transfers inside the platform
– Investing in other players on the platform
– Withdrawing to crypto exchanges to get other cryptocurrencies or fiat money

MyDFS is a blockchain-based daily fantasy sports solution that connects sport fans all over the world on a transparent, easy to use, investor-wise platform.
MyDFS is a team of industry professionals that already have vast expertise in the field of cyber gaming, fantasy sports and large-audience applications. Before starting our work on MyDFS, we’ve successfully developed and launched a number of fantasy sport products. Our extensive experience allowed us to fully understand the existing hurdles of fantasy sports industry and overcome them by using modern practices and technologies.
Due to the nature of decentralized blockchain protocol, smart contracts, and the coins used instead of fiat money, people can exchange their tokens, buy and sell them, and receive their winnings almost instantly.
We’ve created an app, that will make the overall process of MyDFS token trading easy and transparent.

April 16, 2018: -30%, $0.70
April 23, 2018: -25%, $0.75

Main Sale:
August 15, 2018: 0%, $1.00
August 22, 2018: +20%, $1.20
August 29, 2018: +25%, $1.25
September 05, 2018: +30%, $1.30