Main Sale: 06/01/2018 - 08/31/2018

We at monvid are working on a better solution for the next generation. The cost-effective global video streaming and cost-effective watching TV without any restriction is some of our key-words in the team, and these are what we stand for. So let’s make the future great together!

Completely experienced and educated team members help monvid to build a better solution for the future streaming platforms. We are transparent with our team members and our project contents to help everyone understanding the whole project!

Completely pursue scalable video streaming platform for producer and the consumer. The next generation of decentralized and proxied video streaming platform for reducing your costs and saving you time.

Main Sale:
1st day – 7th day: 30% BONUS
8th day – 20th day: 25% BONUS
21st day – 40th day: 20% BONUS
41st day – 70th day: 15% BONUS
71st day – 90th day: 10% BONUS