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Luvdub will incorporate artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to abstract the complexities of relationships. With a simple, yet intuitive interface, users will be provided with the luxury of convenience combined with effectiveness to reduce time and energy expenditure when searching for love.

Most, if not all, social media apps provide the option for its users to display a profile image. These images are designed to allow other users to quickly identify and associate a person/entity with a specific account. With increased user autonomy, there is always the possibility for bad actors to present misleading or false claims in
regards to profile creation.

Luvdub Coin is a token based off of the ERC20 Token Standard. It empowers users to access the additional functionality in the Luvdub app. An initial supply of 150,000,000 will be created during the ICO with a max supply cap of 300,000,000. Luvdub Coins will have two states described as active and inactive. When a coin is exchanged or purchased, the user will always have an active coin available in their wallet. Luvdub Coins remain active until utilized for a Luvdub function in which it becomes inactive for 3 months. After 3 months, the inactive Luvdub Coin becomes active again.