Lends Bay ICO


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Artificial Intelligence Investment & Financial Services Smart contracts

We offer the following step-by-step solution to the above-mentioned problems:

  1. Creating an app to manage loans between relatives, friends and acquaintances: the app is used to find a lender and then to record, document and administer (e.g. send out reminders) the loan.
  2. Creating social groups (so-called bays) to pool financial resources through mutual lending, e.g. there are social groups centred around work, universities and social clubs that already have a certain level of trust, common values and a high degree of social control, not to mention little tolerance for irresponsible behaviour.
  3. Creating a blockchain to store individuals’ credit-rating information (LBR).
  4. Using the blockchain for any financial transactions between individuals (non-credit assessment) (LBU).
  5. Developing the elements of an ecosystem for financial relations: mutual insurance; purchasing, selling or leasing items; and decision-making systems.

Every action taken by a Lendsbay ecosystem user is reflected in their rating, which is based on reliable and trustworthy behaviour within a social group. Since the ecosystem promotes users with high ratings, the amount of reliable and trustworthy behaviour will continue to increase.

LBT tokens will be released on the Ethereum platform and will fully comply with the ERC20 standard, which guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services and also ensures ease of integration.LBT tokens are not limited to use on the ecosystem platform. After the platform is launched, LBTs token will be available for purchase/sale on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Presale: 0.25 USD (50% Discount)
Week 1: 0.27 USD (45% Discount)
Week 2: 0.29 USD (42% Discount)
Week 3: 0.31 USD (39% Discount)
Week 4: 0.32 USD (36% Discount)
Week 5: 0.33 USD (33% Discount)
Week 6: 0.35 USD (30% Discount)

Main Sale:
Period 1: 0.37 USD (26% Discount)
Period 2: 0.43 USD (14% Discount)
Period 3: 0.50 USD (0% Discount)