Konios ICO


Main Sale: 07/01/2018 - 09/30/2018
Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchanges

The Konios platform is supposed to serve all people who want to enter the crypto community with cash. It ensures an anonymous and secure face-to-face procedure so that you can use the platform without revealing personal data.

The aim is to eliminate the astronomical exchange office fees experienced in a simple transaction. Konios provides a solid and secure basis for conducting transactions on the platform using the uniform exchange principle. This allows all non-crypto professionals worldwide to exchange their cash with other users.

It is usually a good feeling or belief in the project that motivates buyers to hold or trade in cryptocurrencies. Since successful trading implies a great need for information, Konios will offer information that exactly meets this need. It is clearly and easily accessible to all users. This includes real-time messages of preferred currencies, trading options for all currency pairs and an analysis program with adjustable wish-parameters.
The User funds on the Konios platform can be used in everyday life to trade products or request services. Both in local trading for cash and worldwide shipping against cryptocurrencies (Marketplace).

A worldwide anonymous data analysis of unchangeable values should be available to all Konios users free of charge (Konios Data). So that not only financially strong institutions can analyze and monopolize competition, but all people worldwide. New start-up companies as well as private individuals can use real data sets for their projects, school work, forecast analyses or comparisons.

Main Sale:
1st Lot: 35% BONUS
2nd Lot: 20% BONUS
3rd Lot: 10% BONUS