Kionex ICO


Main Sale: 07/29/2018 - 09/10/2018

Kionex is here to deliver results and progress instead of misleading people with silly cartoons to attract investors with no results in the end.
Kionex is here to become a prominent leader of the cryptocurrency market with brand new innovations, our goal is to become a digital cryptocurrency accessible for everyone and fully decentralised.
With our auto-proxy transaction gateway we provide safe, friendly and anonymous transaction between sender and receiver.
KNXT is not mineable and transactions are instant.
What differs us from other coins aswell is our strategies to become mainstream, so far coins have only focussed on specific centralised companies, exchange markets and ICO rankers while the point to become mainstream is to connect with the average daily consumer instead of connecting with potentional investors only, Kionex is focussed on webshops, exchange markets, centralised companies, music services, physicial stores, fast food chains, game development companies and software companies.
Kionex (KNXT) is the Next Generation cryptocurrency focussed on the average daily consumer instead of crypto stock investors only.

The main purpose behind Kionex is to differ us from other existing coins – These days Cryptocurrency are being developed and use to become stock supply rather than an actuall currency, Kionex is focused on the daily average consumer which sets us apart from other cryptocurrencies, while there is a cryptocurrency market crash Kionex has the highest chances to continue to raise in value and grow bigger, Kionex won’t be backed by cryptocurrency markets only we have the focus to become fully mainstream and we have the strategies to accomplish that aswell, Kionex doesn’t focus on one specific niche and Kionex doesn’t serve one single purpose, Kionex is the Next Generation cryptocurrency that has the motivation, strategies, resources and features to become completely mainstream while maintaining a decentralised and most important anonymous status.

Kionex will also offer an USA KNXT Creditcard, an unique hardware wallet with never seen before innovations and applications, we will present a forum community and a custom exchange market “Kionex Trading” which will offer trading between Coins, Tokens and ICO’s overtime with KNXT as main currency to trade between listed coins and even invest in on-going ICOs with a supporting KNXT forum community – By doing so we hope to accomplish a strong solid community and an all-around purpose for KNXT.