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We created a platform that enabled our users to interact in ways they couldn’t on other social platforms. Social media is broken. It was created to promote fun, create connections, and build friendships. It has now become a cause of anxiety and depression for users, giving rise to the dreaded “compare and despair” . We don’t stand for that. JustHive was founded on a community-first approach. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun platform for people of similar interests to come together to create, explore, share and engage in accessible community forums. It’s fun, friendly, and easy!

Signing up to forums today is difficult, it takes too much effort! JustHive makes the process easy and fast.
Our innovative system of Tiles is used to create beautiful and organized posts, putting an end to HTML formatting!
Our tile system empowers to express themselves in any way they choose. There are no limits to self-expression on JustHive, the possibilities are endless!
Our patent pending feedback options will make interacting with Tiles a magical experience!

JustHive is incredibly easy to navigate. Tap on a user or a forum on the home screen to enter their cover page. Scroll down to view the user’s or forum’s gallery section. Here you can view all current posts or select any one of them to view in detail. Scroll left and right anywhere on the app to navigate from one forum to the next! Easy, smooth, and effortless.

Express and promote yourself by adding tabs on your profile page! We would never confine you to a few text fields. Our tile system allows you to create personalized, beautiful content that’s unique to you.

Our Tile system gives you the flexibility to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind content that is both engaging and interactive. You can post anything from vlogs and blogs, reviews, how-to’s, and anything in between. Even replies to your posts from other users utilize the same Tile system; It’s the FORUM way! There are no limitations, no boundaries, or restrictions on posting styles or types. You are free to express yourself through posts however you may choose, which is what makes JustHive so exciting!

Phase 1: 40% Bonus Tokens
Phase 2: 25% Bonus Tokens
Phase 3: 10% Bonus Tokens

Main Sale:
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