Illuminati X Project

Main Sale: 05/09/2018 - 06/30/2018

The Illuminati X is a creation of a group of Unapologetic Humanists. We live in a n Institutionalised world where the educational system, the government, financial system all run hand in hand to keep the masses from attaining true freedom.
A system that dictates how everyone should live in order to enable the profiting of a few. A cabal running a scam of galactic proportions, designed to keep people under control. This is no conspiracy, it is the world we live in. One where you are told education is the way while all it is, is a rat race with students burdened with heavy debts. One in which the banks and government work hand in hand to enslave through debts and taxation. One in which religions are there to keep us divided. One in which we fight wars to what end? It is time to pause for a moment. The block-chain is giving power back to the people, a tool the establishment is seeking to control but we must be aware we are part of the making of a future, an inevitable future where power is truly decentralised because people control their own resources.

IlumX is a Community-Centered Project designed to also provide financial support for users. The Heart of the Project is the IlumX Funds Which is a Credit Union styled Credit system. It is user based, has the interest of the Users over profit making just like Credit Unions and it is about Peer-to-peer support.

We are a community not a business. This is what makes this project totally different from other projects on the cryptosphare.
Unlike other Projects with centralized teams and centralized partnerships, you the investors are the partners and board members. All Decisions goes through the community voting. Development will be open and the forum would be a melting kettle for diverse ideas and contributions.