Humancoin ICO


Main Sale: 09/15/2018 - 11/01/2018
Charity Commerce & Retail

Humancoin is a revolutionary platform bringing about the synergy of philanthropy industry, retail e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets, which together have a combined value of $3.5 trillion.

Humancoin unites philanthropists and recipients of funds on a single P2P platform in the most convenient and transparent way possible. The blockchain platform fuelled by the “mined” Humancoin token will breathe new life into the charity industry, proving an engine of growth. While at the same time becoming a premier global loyalty program for an increasing number of partners in e-commerce.

– Blockchain solves the trust issue by providing transparency, traceability and security
– Donors can quickly make donations worldwide, monitor their expenditure online, receive benefits from the platform’s partners
– The symbiosis of e-commerce and cryptocurrencies will facilitate an increase in the number of donors

Among the project’s partners will be large online stores, service businesses, gaming and entertainment industries, airlines, cryptoexchanges, international corporations, regardless of whether they operate with cryptocurrencies or not.

The platform provides the opportunity to fully track donations online, as well as voting and ranking for projects and philanthropists along with other features. There is also the option to receive a receipt for each donation to use for tax deduction purposes depending on the donor’s tax jurisdiction. The future expansion of the project will be financed by the 5%-fee raised from the funds collected for charity projects, which is 4 times lower than the market average.

July 1 — August 15: 50% bonus

Main Sale:
September 15 — November 1:
Stage 1: 35% bonus
Stage 2: 20% bonus
Stage 3: 0% bonus