Global Pay Net

Main Sale: 05/24/2018 - 08/24/2018
Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchanges

Global Pay Net is an international financial platform that is based on the Blockchain technology. The company has been developing a unified service that allows each of its users to invest their money at interest, take out a loan, exchange funds and cryptocurrencies, keep their savings at a profit, and pay for goods or services using their own GLPN wallet.

The company allows to buy tokens on advantageous terms. The coins are sold only for 0.09 USD each during the current Pre-Sale ICO stage! It is a truly unique chance for potential participants and private investors to get a maximum discount on a very valuable asset, which will cost 0.9 USD at the ICO stage. The price will grow in the future depending on the market conditions and the limited coin emission.

Currently, Global Pay Net is developed by a dedicated team of professionals featuring Benedetta Milani, Jody Samuels, Gary Whitehouse, Jonha R., Oanna Hubbard and many other Blockchain experts. Many people ask about the opportunities provided by the GLPN tokens during the investment stage. It is a full-value asset that represents one’s share in the business. It is not a traditional cryptocurrency. When you purchase the tokens, you are entitled to the payment of future dividends. The value of these assets will grow due to their limited emission. The participant’s share in the business increases with the total number of coins he/she owns. This also means that this person will receive bigger dividends.