Main Sale: 04/01/2018 - 05/15/2018
Real estate

The GENESIS international real estate fund was founded in early 2018. It was registered in Estonia in accordance with all of the relevant legislation and holds a licence granting it the right to carry out cryptocurrency operations. The fund has offices in Estonia, Spain and Russia, and will soon have representation in Switzerland.

The fund’s directors have been in the investment business for over 15 years. The investment portfolio of each of them contains commercial and trade locations in Germany, Spain and Russia.

The volume of deals made annually by the GENESIS fund’s team to date surpasses €50 million. Participants in the fund oversee trade and commercial buildings with a total area of 60,000m².

After purchasing and changing the management of each location, it nearly always begins to rake in 30-50% more profit than under its previous owner. This can be seen as a mark of the personal success of the fund’s directors.