Gemstra ICO


Main Sale: 11/01/2018 - 11/30/2018
Business Commerce & Retail

Gemstra (or “Gemstra Foundation”) is a blockchain-integrated ecosystem that democratizes and liberates social selling for the global retail economy.

We launched the first social selling marketplace (BOUTIQUES Marketplace) in July 2017 to connect retail brands to social selling, giving sellers freedom to choose products and brands they want to represent. In less than 10 months, BOUTIQUES added 8 brands, 3000 sellers, and was on track to over $5 Million in annualized sales volume.

The success of BOUTIQUES inspired us to build a broader infrastructure solution that would allow retailers (not just brands) to participate in social selling without disrupting their existing businesses. To democratize a historically leveraged model, we developed a smart contract solution called ASTRA Platform as an infrastructure solution for retailers (“Merchants” in ASTRA) to integrate their existing systems or use our open source software to host their social selling business. Sellers and brands can integrate with any number of Merchants using ASTRA. The Gemstra Token (GMS) is the default exchange of value for payments that offers rewards, gamification, and governance for social selling. ASTRA Platform and GMS token bridge the $24 Trillion retail industry to social selling, creating an unpredictably large future market. We seek to become the default technological infrastructure and capture 50% of social selling transactions in the future.

We have a proven business that is growing quickly and tracking to over $5 Million in annualized sales volume. We have a proven team that has scaled multiple consumer growth businesses. Gemstra is utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency to solve current problems in the growing social selling industry, which has been shackled by centralization and captivity. We will be using crypto to benefit independent sellers who do the job of gig marketing in hopes of improving their lives.

We will have public utility by October 1 – at which point the Commission and Checkout services will default to transacting in tokens. We will bonus commissions withdrawn in GMS and discount orders placed in GMS, thus driving up token velocity and demand. Unlike other projects, our economics are based on known business metrics that have been proven by us or social selling counterparts.

Gemstra Token (GMS) will be the first crypto with substantial 2-way payment use in a live marketplace and be the default currency for an entire industry over next few years. By October 2018, Sellers in Gemstra’s ecosystem (3000 in 10 months, growing 10% monthly) will get a 5% bonus on commissions taken in GMS and 5% discount on purchases made using GMS, driving up token velocity in Gemstra Boutiques.

We are eager for crypto and blockchain to have social impact. We’re proud to work on a project that provides human benefit by leveraging technology that’s currently available.


Pre-Sale Round 1, Oct 1 – 15: 25% Bonus
Pre-Sale Round 2, Oct 16 – 30: 15% Bonus

Main Sale:
Nov 1 – 30: No Bonus