Gem4me Market Space ICO


Main Sale: 10/15/2018 - 11/20/2018
Business Commerce & Retail

The Gem4me Market Space Ecosystem is a unique, decentralized blockchain protocol that does 2 things. First, it lets businesses of all sizes reach their potential customers efficiently, internationally, and with little friction. Second, it lets customer audiences of all kinds and sizes choose reliable, high-quality products and vendors.

Businesses can connect to the ecosystem using an API protocol or via chat-bot integration, and international transactions are easy and cheap. The result is a win-win ecosystem where vendors get unique benefits and market access, while buyers get new goods and services.

Being based on the Blockchain, Gem4me Market Space is poised to be a part of the ongoing 2018 crypto revolution that removes financial barriers between the world’s economic agents. Gem4me Market Space will use this to minimize transactional barriers between participants.

Gemme Coins, abbreviated as GMC, are the native utility token of the Gem4me Market Space platform.
GMC tokens are used to facilitate transactions inside the Gem4me Market Space ecosystem. This includes, but is not limited to, the purchase of goods and services, resolving transactions between users, and escrow services.

1,000+ GMC: 10% bonus
15,000+ GMC: 15% bonus
50,000+ GMC: 20% bonus
100,000+ GMC: 25% bonus

Main Sale:
days 1–7: 10% bonus
days 8–14: 7.5% bonus
days 15–21: 5% bonus
days 22–28: 2.5% bonus
days 29–37: 1% bonus