Main Sale: 05/21/2018 - 07/21/2018
Artificial Intelligence Drugs & Healthcare

GANA uses blockchain and AI technology to bring the cannabis industry to the next level. The blockchain technology is used for the transparent management of data collected from both consumers and companies.

GANA provides quality authentication system and business intelligence platform. At the end of the road map, an artificial intelligence based personal assistance service will be provided for the cannabis users. GANA aims to become the biggest data holder in the cannabis industry. Our platform will be useful for consumers, growers, distributors, contents and product makers, research institutions and marketing firms.

GANA tokens will be rewarded to customers who bought products that GANA certificate was added. Users will be able to buy movies, music, digital contents, recommended products through the mobile application. Users can receive GANA tokens by providing their information. This is conducted as an exchange for providing better services to users by analyzing their purpose of using, profile, medical history and taste. GANA personalized data collection information will be integrated with the data collected from our partners and will be used for conducting researches for cannabis users. Those who want to make partnership with us and be part of the data sharing system can use the GANA tokens for the agreement. The utilization scope of GANA token will expand as we launch our service. We are planning to build an ecosystem where GANA token can be used in all the process from production to personal health care.

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