Friend ICO


Main Sale: 06/15/2018 - 12/21/2018

Friend is a new computer platform built for the blockchain era. At first glance, Friend looks similar to an operating system such as Windows or OS X. It has icons, menus and apps. However, Friend does not attempt to replace existing operating systems; it runs on top of them, providing a powerful, unified interface to a new world of blockchain-ready apps. Friend can be accessed from any computer (or mobile) in the world – just open a new tab in the web browser. Think Google Chromebooks without the Google part. Friend will be a neutral alternative: an autonomous Cloud Computer owned and controlled by its users.

We are now raising money to improve the look and feel of the software, enhance theuser and developer experience, and build a new decentralized network of Friend computers. This network, owned and governed by holders of the Friend Network Token (FRND), will be a world first. Each holder will be able to exchange data, run apps, and trade resources without the need for centralized companies – thus increasing access and lowering the cost of computing for everyone.

Main Sale:
Up to Tier 1 goal of 10 000 ETH will receive 15% additional bonus FRNDs
Up to Tier 2 goal of 25 000 ETH will receive 10% additional bonus FRNDs
Up to Tier 3 goal of 50 000 ETH will receive 5% additional bonus FRNDs