Expercoin ICO


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Artificial Intelligence

Expercoin intends to build one of the world’s largest decentralized networks of marketplaces called Republics, with a charter to advance learning and create jobs for the digital economy.

By leveraging Experfy’s infrastructure trusted by Fortune 500s and powered by AI and Blockchain, anyone can create a specialized community with marketplaces for training, assessments, mentorship and jobs.

The current Experfy Jobs Marketplace is designed as a platform that brings together enterprises with specific consulting needs and thousands of experts to provide services. The Jobs Marketplace serves companies ranging from the size of Fortune 500s to small startups. Our technology has received Gartner “Cool Vendor” recognition in 2017. All payments will be made in Expercoin and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain will govern all transactions.From the definition of milestones to hiring of experts on a time-and-materials basis, transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger, allowing the community to verify transactions should a dispute arise.

A key prerequisite to skills development is identification of gaps. Experfy has been working on developing a comprehensive assessment system to benchmark a candidate’s skill-level. Based on the data available for each candidate, Experfy’s machine learning algorithms will be able to build dynamic learning paths to recommend a training curriculum that is highly personalized and tailored to match each individual’s learning goals.

There is a major movement toward peer-to-peer lending and this is great news for struggling students and professionals who want to acquire new skills but lack the financial resources to pay for upskilling. With availability of loans from other members of the community or even course producers, learning need not be deferred because of lack of funding. Out of the box, each Republic will have the ability to provide a financial aid mechanism, once this functionality is implemented. This facility will differentiate the ecosystem and drive revenue with the use of Expercoin.