Ethereum Anonymizer

Main Sale: 06/17/2018 - 07/17/2018
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First service and wallet for anonymous transactions of any tokens and Ether in Ethereum network.

What you need to know about Ethereum Anonymizer:
• Ethereum Anonymizer – smart contract that allows you to anonymously transfer ETH and any ERC-20 tokens, including ATH, without revealing the connections between the senderand the recipient.
• No one has access to your account except you.
• The sender does not know the address of the recipient.
• The recipient does not know the sender’s address.
• Nobody can influence the course of the transaction or find out any data about it.
• At the level of a smart contract, the entire transaction cycle takes place in 4-5 stages.
• Commission for the transfer of any ERC-20 tokens (ETH) – 0%.
• The fee for ETH transfers is from 0.1%.
• The architecture of the smart contract Ethereum Anonymizer allows increasing its cryptographic strength without changing the address of the smart contract itself ATH
• When the sender creates a transaction specifying the amount, the smart contract Ethereum Anonymizer replaces this amount, and in this form the transaction is written to the blockchain.
• The recipient takes from the reserve of the smart contract Ethereum Anonymizer, exactly the amount that the sender introduced.
• When the recipient withdraws funds from the reserve of the smart contract Ethereum Anonymizer, nothing is displayed in the transaction except for a code that can not be deciphered in order to find out information about the participants in the transaction.

7 April – 16 June: 50% BONUS

Main Sale:
first day sale: +35% BONUS
7 days sale: +25% BONUS
10 days sale: +15% BONUS