Main Sale: 03/13/2018 - 04/30/2018
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The Equitybase platform is designed to lower the barriers of entry for issuers to launch security tokens on the blockchain. By introducing the tools for a simple marketplace for securities issuances and alternative market trading, the Equitybase platform can help bridge the gap between traditional securities and blockchain based asset ownership.

Equitybase offers legal compliant solutions for issuers, intermediaries and investors to issue and trade security tokens and could ultimately help a complex, global regulatory landscape onto the blockchain.Our technology can lower the barrier to entry; enabling economic growth and opportunities to more people and in more places than ever before. With the multi-trillion dollar securities industry coming to the blockchain, the Equitybase platform provides entire technology solutions for individuals and companies to participate in asset back tokenized ownership and investment opportunities worldwide.

Base Tokens are a digital representation of a participation of Equitybase platform. BASE Tokens will be tradable outside Equitybase’s platform, as they are an ERC20 Token so they will have an inherent value in the exchanges. Users will also be able to utilize BASE Tokens as a zero fees incentive for investing in Securities tokens at our platform along with ERC20 standard interface that guarantees the interoperability between tokens.

BASE token, which can be kept in any Ethereum based smart/cold wallet,is an ERC20 based blockchain token with vesting functions.

Pre-Sale: 40% Discount

Main Sale:
1st Week ICO: 30% Discount
2st Week ICO: 25% Discount
3st Week ICO: 20% Discount
4st Week ICO: 15% Discount
5st Week ICO: 10% Discount
6st Week ICO: 5% Discount
7st Week ICO: 0% Discount