Main Sale: 06/30/2018 - 09/30/2018
Entertainment Virtual reality

Introducing, ECOMI Collect – The world’s first platform offering licensed digital collectables, with real world ownership. Users can browse, purchase, trade and share digital collectables from their favourite brands. So how do you start collecting? Easy! First, download the ECOMI Collect app, then browse through the collectable categories and find a collectable you want to make your own. To buy ECOMI collectables you need some ‘OMI Tokens’. Complete the purchase, and you have become the new owner! All your collectables are kept your customisable Showroom, and you can even bring them to life with augmented reality!

Collectable buyers are not a small group of people collecting stamps and coins. Over the decades collectables have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry spanning numerous fields. Now, this huge global market is about to enter the digital realm, with ownership of digital collectables recorded the on blockchain.

The ECOMI ecosystem is powered by the OMI Token. Using this utility token, users can purchase collectables or pay for ECOMI services, such as Vault. ECOMI Customers and users have the option to either pay directly with OMI Tokens, or choose to stake their tokens, which grants them extra advantages for supporting the ECOMI network.

Stage 1: 40% Discount
Stage 2: 30% Discount