EasyWork ICO


Main Sale: 06/21/2018 - 07/12/2018
Business Recruitment & Human Resources

EASY WORK is a decentralized online platform based on Ethereum blockchain, which offers a new way to find performers for everyday and business problem solving insuring safe work both for customer and performer.

There are functions behind the platform that have become the standard for the sector and which are presented on other platforms: placement of ads, secure transaction,payment by internal crypto currency.
In addition there will be a crow of talented freelancers based on the platform who will be able to provide to their customers a high quality work performance.We want to transform the freelance sector by regaining the trust of ordinary users, keeping accessibility, reasonable price and variety of services.

We offer unique function: possibility to create a team of various specializations freelancers by a few clicks that will perform a long-term customer project in the most efficient way.
It will also decrease the search time for a performer of long-term projects if you bring the right specialist to a specific project stage.In addition to creation of the fund of the most qualified and efficient freelancers, EASY WORK seeks to improve safety and relationship trust levels between a customer and a performer by providing a fair smart-contract to both sides: for the customer there is the warranty of quality performance and completion in time; for the performer it is the warranty of payment for completing the project.

Main Sale:
50% discount from the start to the fifth hour;
30% discount from the fifth to the tenth hour;
-after ten hours from the start one token will cost its full fixed price;