Main Sale: 05/19/2018 - 06/15/2018
Recruitment & Human Resources

DREAM analyses past project outcomes and is trained by an expert community. Benefit from the success of others. Teams are built based on skills, team fit, and reputations from DREAM’s blockchain partners. Work with the best.Demonstrate provable traction and hire the best. Build committed teams who will benefit from your success.DREAM Mentor is a pillar of support, an advisor, and a virtual sounding board. Trained by human intelligence, executed with artificial intelligence, and backed by blockchain-verified reputations.DREAM addressed a fundamental problem with AI by incentivizing customer feedback with

DREAM Token to reinforce AI learning.Leverage the wisdom of thousands of experts to structure projects. DREAM scopes  what’s needed then generates tasks and assigns to team members.The system is self-learning, meaning that in addition to accessing a huge pool of knowledge, DREAM knows what project and team structures have worked in the past.
Rather than matching clients and freelancers one-to-one, broad datasets and AI open up new ways of pulling together teams. DREAM uses blockchain-based verification of identity, work history, and professional networks to build teams.

Dreams drive our world—disrupting industries and unlocking new economic opportunities. Dreams are made possible by the confluence of thought leaders and the right talent.Too often, projects fail because dreamers don’t know where to start—wasting time and resources. This could be easily avoided with the right guidance and team.The reputation of talent and the success of past projects is locked into closed platforms and isn’t intelligently used to build the future.