Main Sale: 11/01/2018 - 11/30/2018
Internet & Telecommunications Privacy & Security

DeNet is a decentralized network created for providing and leasing IT capacities for storing, hosting and processing of data all over the world.

DeNet enables every user of the Web to rent truly private and secure data-storage and web-hosting. DeNet enables every user to use unused capacities and receive income with minimal difficulties for renting out computing power & bandwidth. DeNet will launch the decentralization of the Web from one of the most centralized frameworks — storage and web hosting. DeNet is a decentralized network with transparent settlements system that takes into account a user’s contribution and reputation. It’s to user’s advantage to work in good faith here. DeNet provides maximum protection and comfort for the client. Maximum uptime for a very reasonable price. DeNet is not searching for investors into an idea — we’re looking for partners to cooperate with on the platform at MVP stage that has already been launched.

A native token of DNET protocol designed for its operation and settlements between system users. An instrument for reserving on a balance to lower system commissions as well as getting access for additional features. An instrument for rewards for stable uptime and connect that enhances network stability and efficiency in a longer run. A scalable system with a global reach.

Phase 1, start 1th of june 2018 – finish 4th of june 2018:  30% bonus 
Phase 2, 1st October 2018 ends 15th
of October 2018: 20% bonus

Main Sale:
1st November 2018 ends 30th of November 2018