Cy Bit ICO


Main Sale: 07/01/2018 - 09/20/2018
Commerce & Retail Crowdfunding & Lending Investment & Financial Services

CyBit is creating a crypto-crowdfunding marketplace. A secure, blockchain platform for startups and investors of any size, who are united by a desire to bring the best and most diverse ideas to market.

CyBit is an Open Source Ecosystem to facilitate Crowdfunding! Our platform is built on ERC-223 protocol with smart contracts for highly secure validation of transactions and protection from malicious attacks. It adopts methodologies that support infrastructure flexibility and ensures safety & stability of the system.

CyBit supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns. Initial Coin Offering, Crowd Investing and Crowd Funding. CyBit offers a unique vehicle for Investors to finance projects through CBT as an underlying value token!

We’re providing a comprehensive smart-contract capability for seamless execution of projects with full transparency and liquidity.

It feels good to have a fan. Or thousands of fans. We’ll be your first and quite possibly, your biggest fan. Whoever you are, wherever you come from. CyBit is a blockchain-based SAAS solution which will support you and your idea. To maximize your crowdfunding success, you’ll also have access to valuable startup development, refinement, strategies and tools. Plus, you’ll find enthusiastic investors who want a deeper connection to your business and mission.

72% Discount, $0.07

Main Sale:
ICO Phase 1: 60% Discount, $0.10
ICO Phase 2: 40% Discount, $0.15
ICO Phase 3: 28% Discount, $0.18
ICO Phase 4: 20% Discount, $0.20
Post ICO Price: 0% Discount,$0.25