Crypto Souk ICO


Main Sale: 08/22/2018 - 09/22/2018
Artificial Intelligence Trading & Exchanges

Our vision is to build the next generation digital asset exchange for traders of every skill level with the aim of making digital currency trading accessible to everyone. We are devoted to enhancing our customers’ trading experiences with quick trade execution, fair pricing, world-class customer service, endless improvement and limitless creativity.

CryptoSouk is a premier trading and financial technology company. We’ve built the best digital asset exchange by focusing on the needs of professional traders and digital currency experts. We are dedicated to making digital currency trading accessible, fast and totally secure.We offer all the major digital and fiat currency pairs that you love to trade.

Our powerful live order book updates in real-time and displays buy and sell orders with live spread calculation so you can always lock in the lowest spreads and get the best deal. Our order system also automatically calculates fees and includes them in the order price so you always know that what you see is what you’ll pay. For larger orders, we offer the ability to report block trades to guarantee that the market won’t move against you before your order gets filled. Available order types for both regular and block trades include market, limit, stop, and six others.

To help you track your trades and technical history, our platform includes the integrated ability to save the current chart view to jpeg. We also offer a custom area measurement tool to find duration, percentage change and price change soyou don’t have to do it by hand. Finally, we offer users the ability to generate multiple custom reports including trade activity, transaction activity and treasury activity and save these reports as CSVs to facilitate return tracking. The exchange platform has been built from the ground up by senior coders and cryptocurrency experts to emphasize redundancy, accuracy, and speed. Our platform is built on a custom-embedded StreamDB database and incorporates error-checking and targets multiple volumes. We also replicate and backup all exchange data in real-time so your trades and user data are always secure.

9 July – 9 August 2018: 0.375 USD, 25% Discount

Main Sale:
22 August – 22 Septembrie 2018: o.5 USD, 0% Discount