Contrib ICO


Main Sale: 08/01/2018 - 12/30/2018
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CONTRIB has created the CTB Token, a leading cryptocurrency, chain based, value mechanism. CTB is a multi-purpose, utility and ASSET-BACKED token with usage properties for pledging, depositing, and participating into the CONTRIB ecosystem. The value, utility, and role of the CONTRIB token (CTB) creates a unique link between value and functionality.

In order to embrace our vision of creating a truly decentralized autonomous contribution platform we are launching a secondary utility protocol known as the eShares Coin (ESH) in which you can join the network of 22,000 digital assets.

In decentralized networks, both economic value and governance are distributed among the network’s stakeholders rather than concentrated in a single, centralized organization. The goal of CONTRIB is to leverage its powerful operating platform, VNOC, to fully support successful projects in a measurable, collaborative and distributed model. Using gamification models, we can accurately and transparently reward contributors for value creation and the opportunity of creating a game changing Value Distribution System.

After validation and team approval, Contributions are pushed to the blockchain via CTB allowing others to see the value of the contribution. Full transparency is the driving parameter of the Contrib platform.

eShares Protocol is a power program that defines how assets and values are created, authenticated, valued, issued, transferred, secured and controlled on a blockchain network inside the CONTRIB network. eShares platform also allows other digital assets to operate a transparent network using a skill-based contribution model coexistencing with multiple types of assets. and interoperable across exchanges and gateways.

Pre-Sale: 20% Bonus

Main Sale: 10% Bonus