Coinnup ICO


Main Sale: 06/23/2018 - 10/29/2018
Banking & Payments Business Trading & Exchanges

Coinnup ecosystem developing five core platforms, Crypto Exchange, Fiat central, B2B & B2C payment gateways, Debit cards and POS network along with the universal wallet. The only ecosystem that will let you do all with fiat and crypto.

Paymaz, a product of Coinnup offers five core platforms of crypto management on one central platform powered by coinnup coin (PMZ). You will be able to trade crypto, buy, sell, withdrawal, send and receive crypto using one platform. Our B2B and B2C payment gateways will offer a unique payment checkout network based on Blockchain. Now buiseness will be able to accept crypto and fiat through one integration.

Multi-currency wallet for coins and all ERC20 Tokens with easy recovery management.Light architecture ensures super fast performance without full node download.Highly secured as private keys never leaves the device and can only be controlled by the user. Keep your holdings on wallets and trade on the Paymaz exchange without sending the funds to exchange.

21 May – 21 Jun: 30% Bonus

Main Sale:
23 Jun – 22 Jul: 20% Bonus
24 Jul – 23 Aug: 15% Bonus
25 Aug – 23 Sep: 10% Bonus
26 Sep – 29 Oct: 5% Bonus