Citowise ICO


Main Sale: 10/15/2018 - 12/15/2018
Banking & Payments Business

The Worlds’s Only Blockchain Platform. That erases bounderies of business operations and opens new opportunities, raising business and private deals to a global level.

For those users who will use Citowise to purchase a company abroad, we introduce the CITOWISE MARKETPLACE.

Not only is Citowise offering the only solution of its kind in terms of remote company purchasing, we took it even further. We understand that in order to have a fully functional company, it requires someone who will handle administrative tasks such as accounting, finance, HR, office management, translations and hundreds of other tasks which are quite hard to execute remotely.

The Citowise Marketplace will be available in all 28 jurisdictions where we offer companies and will be a place where entrepreneurs are able to seek for accounting experts, lawyers, managers, translators and other professionals to ensure smooth operation of their business remotely. We will try to offer the full scope of what companies need. Professionals will list their fees, which may vary according to their experience and ratings, and Entrepreneurs will be able easily navigate through the marketplace by categories to find their perfect match.

Citowise will only take a service fee which can also be paid with the Citowise Token. Citowise makes it easier to land your whole business to work in crypto space. Citowise is going to provide a complete solution to help entrepreneurs to send invoices and handle business accounting right in the wallet.

15.08 – 15.09: 30% – 50% Bonus

Main Sale:
15.10 – 15.12: 0% -25% Bonus